Worthyt – The App for Answering Paid Questions from Your Audience

You Set the Price for
Your Answers.

Worthyt gives you a tool to organize and respond to questions from your audience. Set a price, set a time limit, and share your profile link to start fielding questions.

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Can you give me an astrology reading?
Answer to earn $24.00
How should I think about my next career step?
Answer to earn $20.00
What should I be eating for more natural energy?
Answer to earn $12.00

Why Worthyt?

  • Worthyt – Organized Content

    Organized Questions

    Don't let another question get lost! Our chat-style interface lets you easily view your conversations, read and respond to new messages, and manage your account.

  • Worthyt – Drive Engagement

    Automated Payments

    Don't worry about who paid and who hasn't. Askers put down the deposit the moment they ask a question. If you answer, that deposit is released to you automatically; otherwise, it is automatically sent back to the client.

  • Worthyt – Earn Money

    Customizable Experience

    You set your price. You also set the time frame for answering questions. You can withdraw your balance at any time.

Get Started

How It Works

  1. 1. Create a Profile & Unique URL

    Sign up for an account and claim a unique URL that guides your audience to your profile. You can set question prices, link your social media profile, and set time guarantees for when you'll answer questions by.

  2. 2. Share Your Profile

    Share your profile link. Whenever someone clicks on it, they'll come to your profile, where they can ask you any questions for the price you set. They can ask private (just between you two) or public (viewable on your profile) questions.

  3. 3. Start Answering and Earning

    You earn money for each question immediately after responding to it. We keep 20% to cover the cost of transaction fees and keep the lights on. The rest goes to you! Cash out at any time with a PayPal account.

Start Earning Money

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