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Hi Kenny, I've just read your article about the worth of youtube subscribers now in 2019, published last January in Thank you for that, now I would like to know your opinion. I completely agree in what you say in the article but then I wonder to know your opinion why in the PewDiePie versus T-Series serial Then, what is the reason to take channel subscribers number as the ratio to measure this fight? And also, why do you think is the reason for PewDiePie to try to win a fight he just can't win in the medium term? Considering the daily content a company like T-Series is able to upload on a daily basis and the number of subscribers you can get having a whole country behind your company. Thank you very much!

Hi David, Thanks for writing to me! To be honest, I never even heard of this fight with PewDiePie and T-Series until you mentioned it just now, so also thank you for bringing it to my attention. I don't think this contest between the two channels is for anything beyond entertainment purposes and a vanity metric. Take, for example, a hypothetical scenario where PewDiePie instead, is going up against a different YouTube channel -- one with just as many subscribers, except it has no video views. Wouldn't that seem suspicious? The first thought that comes to mind is that the channel is buying subscribers, or is using bots to generate subscriber count. Also, at the end of the day, that hypothetical channel would be making no money through advertising revenue. On the other hand, instead of having 96 million subscribers and no views the hypothetical channel had no subscribers but 96 million views per video... Well, boy, that's a lot of ad money! Therefore, I stand by my opinion that subscriber count strokes little more than the ego. The contest is a great way to get more exposure for both PewDiePie and T-Series, but I'm sure both of them fully know that it's the views that they want--not simply subscriber count.

I am a huge fan of your micropayment system for content creators. Recently, payment systems such as Patreon and SubscribeStar have been involved in controversy for providing payments to content providers that activists didn't like. In some cases those content providers did not break any laws or even violate the payment providers published code of conduct, but the political pressure, or the payment provider's own political bias, caused the payment provider to ban the content provider from the platform. Does Worthyt have any plan that you can discuss that will shield content providers from political activism from anyone who disagrees with their content? It appears that Worthyt has a slight upper-hand in such situations since the content provider does not have to list the Worthyt logo in order to receive payments. Of course I would not want Worthyt or anyone to process any illegal payments, but there are many activist groups who organize broad campaigns to cut off payments to any ideas that those activists disagree with instead of engaging in honest debate, so payment provider platforms are becoming the political battle-ground of the marketplace of ideas and this issue will probably not disappear for quite a while. I realize this might be a politically charged question, so you can make it private if you need to. Thanks.

Hi Mark, Wow, just got done with exams but my hat's off to you--this was the hardest question I've had to face all week! Thank you for the challenge and pushing me to think critically about a very important and sensitive topic. Ultimately, if a content provider doesn't break the law or break our or our partner's code(s) of conduct, it isn't Worthyt's place to censor any mature discussion, regardless of any personal bias. We do not transfer any personal views into the platform, and do not intend to do so. This app was designed as a system to filter for quality engagements that matter--questions and discussions that people would pay to have. It's for people who are looking for more than a shouting match; after all, the person answering has a lot of power--I could have chosen to ignore your question, and it wouldn't show up on my profile. Other people would never have even seen it. Thank you again for pushing this issue in front of me; I'll be giving it much more thought and making sure we have a strong response plan in the event that we come under pressure to engage in unethical censorship (not saying what Patreon or SubscribeStar did was unethical--to be honest, I haven't been following their actions closely so I don't really have a worthwhile opinion on it).

Hi Kenny, Are you long term bullish(10-15 years) on bitcoin or passing fad? If so how would you refute the following by a reputed finance guru: "I ended up getting even more bullish on the technology but bearish / skeptical / ambivalent about the prices of coins. So far, this has been a reasonable viewpoint. I think blockchain’s big impact is going to be on the expense side of corporate and government balance sheets, not on the revenue line. It strikes me as an efficiency thing more than as a growth thing. But what I’m fairly convinced of is that there is no reason to believe blockchain’s success as a technology in some way guarantees the price of a coin or a token has to go up in value, in tandem with mass adoption. It’s strange to me that so many seem to be having so much trouble mentally separating the two things.";

Hey Jeff, Re: my opinions on its long-term price is a bit more positive than the current market, but then again, I'm not a financial adviser nor do I study markets enough to be a respectable trader, so of course my opinion on the future price is worth less than a Satoshi. Re: the quote - I'm sure you already understand, but there is a difference between the technology (blockchain) and the financial instrument (cryptocurrency) made possible by it. With the enormous rush that recently happened, people are starting to realize that reality doesn't necessarily match the expectations made by the promises of cryptocurrency. For example, Bitcoin is supposed to be this global currency that is protected from inflation and can be used to eventually buy a coffee at your local Starbucks; well, that's going to be hard considering that the Bitcoin network has trouble supporting even a moderate scale of transactions (i.e., it slows down tremendously and you might be waiting days for your transaction to process just to buy a coffee). There are many competitors and alternative solutions to scalability but the technology is just not quite there yet to make cryptocurrencies something that's truly interesting to transact with. For example, even with altcoins, most of the "transacting" that happens isn't to use the decentralized apps like "decentralized Uber" or "decentralized AirBnB" -- it's mostly transacted all on exchanges, which is a big indicator of how speculative it actually is. With a lack of actual use cases, it's no wonder why the SEC is targeting and labeling most tokens as securities and under its jurisdiction within the United States. On the technology side, blockchain does provide many benefits but they must also be selectively chosen. Just as Big Data, AI, AR/VR, Machine Learning and IoT have all been huge buzzwords of the past and present, blockchain is mistaken to be some elixir technology that should be applied to any and every field--this misunderstanding will only serve to artificially inflate the industry even more, because the reality is that it just doesn't need to and shouldn't be applied to every existing technology. On a high level, it is little more than an append-only database that is really, really slow compared to a local database that has way more functionality, with the trade-off of security. So if your app requires a high level of data integrity to the point where the speed is not necessarily a priority, then a blockchain solution would be a good fit. Otherwise... Just stick with traditional databases. Better yet, a startup would probably get an even bigger valuation if they used "machine learning" instead.

Hi Kenny, Someone sharp on twitter said: "The next BIG story in crypto will be dapp games, where rare in-game items stay truly rare due to decentralized nature, and where these items appreciate in token value. We are one BIG game away from worldwide frenzy. Watch $EOS."; If his thesis holds true, why EOS over ETH? best sophie

Hey Jeff/Sophie, You're asking me why EOS over ETH, I assume in relation to why the game will be built on EOS vs. on ETH. Well, the assumption here is that EOS is far more scalable than ETH. For example, the ETH network slowed down to a snail's pace trying to just keep up with transactions with cryptokitties, and that wasn't even mass adoption. At this point, it is just not a blockchain ready to scale. That being said, EOS is assumed to be much more scalable, although the adoption in application hasn't really gotten to a point where its bandwidth becomes questionable yet. EOS is also more centralized in its distribution than ETH and is arguably not decentralized at all; while one can argue the pros and cons of that, one of the benefits is that it will be more scalable. That's why I think this person on Twitter claims it will be built on EOS. I'm not saying it will or won't, I'm just trying to walk you through the thought process. Hope that helps! Best, Kenny

Hi Kenny Are you long term bullish on eth? I see weaknesses: you could buy enough eth to play with dapps or use any other smart contract platform. Use the rest of $ on better store of value in btc. And ICOs are selling eth to fund projects; it looked like price rose faster than infant tech and bubble now deflating. This has strong momentum down. On other hand it has developer community/ moving fast . Best Sophie

Hey Sophie! In full transparency, I do have ETH in my portfolio right now. While buying ETH to play with dapps sounds interesting, I don't think a sizable percentage of the market is actually doing that; in fact, I'd assume 99% of ETH buyers don't use dapps. Even the altcoin enthusiasts. Also, although the initial momentum has died down, I think you can say that about many coins, especially if you look back over the past 6 months. One major under-rated advantage of Ethereum is the fact that it's on Coinbase, which gives it very quick access to new users and liquidity.

Hey Kenny, what made you want to start your company?

When you have an idea, you can let it sit or you can go for it! I decided to go for it.

Hey Kenny, what made you want to start your youtube channel? Was it worth it?

I wanted to start my own YouTube channel for similar reasons why I wanted to start my own Medium blog--for the purposes of being able to provide some knowledge that I think isn't readily available on the Internet. For example, when I created the NEO CLI tutorial on YouTube, I think I was pretty much the first person to produce that type of walkthrough, for the simple purpose of being able to give users a good starting ground to help them get started with NEO blockchain adoption.

Why did you decide to only apply to MIT?

1. The class size is much smaller than its rivals. At only 400 students, the experience is truly representative of quality, not quantity. This student population is half the size of some other top-tier schools, which makes relationships much more intimate, resulting in much stronger bonds over longer periods of time beyond just the simple connection of alma mater. 2. The opportunities extend beyond a wealth of financial resources. MIT's famous Media Lab is a foundation for some of the world's most bleeding-edge inventions. The chance to discover these tools and bring a business mindset along with it can keep me challenged as I think about the world not as it is today, but how it can be tomorrow. 3. MIT Sloan is well integrated with the rest of the school compared to some other business schools. Even as a prospective MBA student, I have frequently attended the MIT Bitcoin Club, an undergraduate-run organization focused on blockchain, where I've met many bright thinkers outside of the business school that have an area of expertise under their belt that I can't find in the business sector alone. 4. Sloan's integration reaches far beyond undergraduate campus. I'm able to take courses at several other schools and meet students from there as well, including Harvard, where I can still make great connections.

When will Asks be enabled for users? I can't wait!

Actually, we have already enabled Asks! We just haven't told anyone about it yet. You can use it at any time through our extension or by going to a Creator Page of the content creator you want to ask a question to! Check out my page for example: